School Fundraisers

Let wool dish cloths help your school or school group to raise funds. Super easy! Your school collects the money, and we receive the orders. We will pack and send everything back in packs with each student's name and room number.


Best gift for yourself, friends, and colleagues. A great Made in NZ souvenir that's light, compact and easy to pack into your luggage. A great idea for corporate gifts especially Environmental Sustainability Groups, and everyone who cares about the lifecyle of the everyday things we use.


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An Auckland dishwasherer during lockdown was found guilty of using microplastic producing sponges to wash her kitchen and bathroom. She went on a journey to the AUT Design and Textile Lab (since closed in Dec 2022), had conversations with the nice people at AgResearch, and Auckland manufacturers. She finally discovers the cloth that does it all and hasn't looked baaack. - Winnie Ong, Founder, Architect, Artist.


Strong Wool

Finally, a dish cloth that scours yet gentle enough to use on non-sticks, and tough enough to last up to 12 months depending on how often you use it and your washing up style. A versatile cloth for splashbacks (even mosaic tiles), stovetops, BBQs and bathrooms. The rubbing action caused by all the cleaning felts the cloth, shrinking it slowly over time as it becomes thicker and tougher and also more absorbent that you can use it to wipe down your benchtops.


Why not?

A locally made alternative that doesn't get smelly or mouldy. Wool absorbs grease, so you can rinse frypans and bakeware in cold water. Wipe clean the toastie maker too. To release the grease, use dishwashing liquid and warm water. Safe to wash in the washing machine in normal wash. Tough enough for those crispy edges around your dishes after baking quiche and lasagna. Cloth will thin out over time, let it biodegrade in your compost, or garden.


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